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Reading Bites is run by the staff of MonsterLibrarian.com. At ML we focus on book reviews, interviews and buzz for librarians and readers. For readers of horror, this is designed to be a site where you can find other books that fall into the horror category that you might be interested in reading.  For librarians, this site provides tools to help in collection development, readers advisory, and program planning. While the site will have  information on current mainstream horror it will also include in the various lists older books that may be of interest.   This site has no other agenda than encouraging people to read, and supporting readers of the horror genre.

You can contact us at zombiemicheleATgmailDOTcom or monsterlibrarianATmonsterlibrarianDOTcom (With spam guards removed)

Staff Profiles:

Dylan Kowalewski aka The Monster Librarian- Webmaster/ Editor /Reviewer
I obtained a Master’s in Library Science after catching the library bug working as reference assistant at an academic library. I am currently working part-time at the reference desk of a small branch library. I have been reading horror fiction and watching horror movies for as long as I can remember. My current interest in the field of library science is using horror fiction as a tool to attract reluctant readers to the joy of reading. E-mail the Monster Librarian.

Kirsten Kowalewski- Editor/Reviewer
Kirsten Kowalewski has a Master’s degree in library science and is certified to teach school library media. She has worked as a children’s librarian in a large public library and as a school library media specialist at the elementary level. She’s had kids of all ages ask her “Where are the scary books?”

Michele Lee- Editor/Reviewer
Michele is hard to define probably because the only dictionary nearby is English to Latin. Bibliothecam edot. A former stable hand, PTA president and bookseller, now she’s a reviewer, writer, and editor. Her stories have appeared in Dark Futures and Horror Library, among others, and she recently sold her first novel, Wolf Heart. Her son and husband are very proud of her, her dog, cat and fish don’t really care and her daughter has taken this as proof she, too, can be a writer. She pretends to keep a web presence at michelelee.net

Sheila Shedd- Reviewer
Sheila Shedd earned her MA in English from Virginia Commonwealth University. She’s a reviewer for Fangoria Magazine, an assistant editor at Capitol City Books, and her fiction is published at Sink/Swim Press. A California native, Sheila’s into surf-punk, comedic gore, and playing wildly competitive rounds of Munchkin with her family.

Naomi Clark- Blogger
Naomi Clark lives in Cambridge and is a mild-mannered office worker by day, but a slightly crazed writer by night. She has a perfectly healthy obsession with giant sea creatures. When she’s not writing, Naomi is probably either reading or watching 80s cartoon shows, and sometimes she manages to do all three at once.

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