TV Review: Teen Wolf, Season 1

One night, while out in the woods investigating half a body found by the Beacon Hills sheriff’s department (because they are so smart), Scott McCall and Stile Stilinski end up in a ton of trouble. Scott is bitten by a werewolf and launched them both into a preternatural world of drama. Sure being a werewolf […]

TV Review: The Gifted S1 E8- Threat of eXtinction

Ba-boom! This episode has some side plots that get overshadowed, namely Blink, Polaris, and Eclipse’s rescue of hidden, Underground Railroad mutants, and discovery of Campbell’s sleeper agents inside the mutant populace. You have to know this is going to come back up, especially since Campbell outright said there were safeguards in place to prevent the […]

Book Review: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

Series title:N.A. Publishing Date: October 2007 ISBN:9780385720960 Available in:Kindle,HardCover, PaperBack,Audible,and Audio CD on Amazon. Extra-sensory gifts are not always considered gifts by those who receive them. Such is the case with eight-turning-nine year old Rose Edelstein. Her lemon-flavored birthday cake tastes like aching despair,her brother’s toast is soaked in hallow dread,and the local bake shop […]

Book Review: The Return of Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac and Sally Wern Comport

HarperCollins, 2006 ISBN: 0060580909 Available: New and Used Molly hasn’t really recovered from her terrifying experience with Skeleton Man, a greedy creature who kidnapped her parents and then posed as her uncle. Although she and her parents escaped, Skeleton Man was never found, and Molly knows he’s out there, planning to get her. Her parents, […]

Book Review: The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

Series title:The Secret Series Publishing Date: October 2007 ISBN:9780316113694 Available in:Kindle,HardCover, PaperBack,Audible,and Audio CD on Amazon. Cass is an eleven-year old survivalist who may or may not really be named Cass. Max-Ernest is a young compulsive speaker and factoid stocker who may or may not really be named Max-Ernest. The magician? There’s much we know […]

Book Review: The Intruders by E.E. Richardson

Delacorte Books for Young Readers, August, 2006 ISBN: 0385732643 Available: New      In the Intruders Richardson whips up a great pure ghost story. Joel, his sister Cassie and their mother move into a house with his mother’s new fiancé Gerald and his two sons.  In addition to coping with the resentment of the children over […]

TV Review: The Gifted S1 E6 Got Your SiX

After Thunderbird discovers his best friend is still alive (and working for the SS), he becomes somewhat obsessed with these secret mutant detention centers and what might be happening in them. He, Reed, and Andy decide to break into a Baton Rouge federal building to find some answers. While Cait has mixed feelings about letting […]