Anime Crash Course

There is an increasing amount of Anime and manga available, and certainly some can be extremely inappropriateĀ for certain ages. S we’re trying to start a database of quick and easy descriptions of them to help parents figure out what is appropriate for which ages.


1b083a97efcac96d6f3f6c3880321f931498161917_fullSoul Eater

The visuals are creepy in this anime about a group of kids in a school training people with special abilities to fight demons that prey on humanity. Some people are weapons (they become sentient weapons) and some are meisters (who wield the weapons). The school is founded by Lord Death, who got tired of losing humans to the demons. There is a lot of darker imagery (insanity, mental torture, depressing back stories since all these kids have been touch by darkness), the visuals are unsettling at times, and there is some sexy content (like Blair, a cat with so much magic she can become human shaped and hates clothes, and Maka’s dad is a blatant womanizer) but otherwise is appropriate for a PG-13 level audience.

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