Tv Review: The Gifted S1 E4 EXit Strategy

imagescAfter finally getting a clue and sacrificing himself to protect a mother and child, Reed is in SS “protective” custody with, surprise, surprise, Polaris.

Meanwhile, desperate to free Polaris, Eclipse goes back to the cartel he used to work for.(I’m sure that will work out great.) Blink begins to suspect that Dreamer implanted false memories to “encourage” her to help Thunderbird, Eclipse, and the Struckers escape last week’s drama. (She did.)

The Strucker kids step up, showing more ethics than Reed and Cait combines, by working on their powers and trying to help Polaris before she (and her unborn child) vanish into a super secret mutant “detention” (aka experimentation) center. When the plan goes off the rails (of course) the writers throw another blow in against the mutants. The SS has a mutant working for them. Pulse can shut down mutant powers. But he also is a former MU member that Thunderbird believed he left dead after a raid a few years ago during a rescue operation.

Reed (perhaps affected by Polaris’ none-too-kind comment, “How does it feel to know you’re one of the bad guys?”) appears to finally pick a side and sheds a little blood for the cause.

It will be nice to see how the Struckers go about trying to redeem themselves, and how they and the MU will clash now that all our main characters are together.

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