Groot #1

download (1)Groot and Rocket are hitchhiking across the galaxy for a visit to Earth. Rocket is only there for support, of course, and witty repartee with our limited-vocabulary hero. Groot wants to visit Earth because he’s never been, well, as a tourist. But along the way their ride breaks down, there are (endangered) space sharks, alien invaders, terrorists, and bounty hunters. But as Groot says, it’s not the destination so much as the journey, right?

This is quite the fun comic with hopeful (near hippy) Groot and bitter, short-fused Rocket trapped in space. A lot of other Marvel comics focus on Earth, here writers get to play in space, literally since these characters are a sci-fi Abbot and Costello. There’s plenty of amusement and imagination fuel for younger kids and older. Recommended, 10 and up.

About Michele Lee

Michele is hard to define probably because the only dictionary nearby is English to Latin. Bibliothecam edot. A former stable hand, PTA president and bookseller, now she's a reviewer, writer, and editor. Her stories have appeared in Dark Futures and Horror Library, among others, and she recently sold her first novel, Wolf Heart. Her son and husband are very proud of her, her dog, cat and fish don't really care and her daughter has taken this as proof she, too, can be a writer. She pretends to keep a web presence at
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