Hexed: The Harlot and the Thief volume 2 by Michael Alan Nelson

downloadLucifer is settling into the changes in her career (she steals magical items for humanity’s safety), like the fact that she accidentally turned her adoptive mother’s intern into a necromancer and now has to teach her about the underworlds. As the trio try to begin to recover from the devastating fire that burned through Val’s galley (and let a bunch of artifacts loose on the city) Lucifer also gets an offer of employment from Madame Cymbaline, the mysterious pseudo-god who burned the gallery in the first place.

And payment is removing the Harlot’s hex from Lucifer, and killing the Harlot herself. Lucifer isn’t stupid though, and knows that all deals with devils, even the ones that seem to want to help you, come at a great cost.

But then tragedy strikes and intern Raina is left alone to try to save Lucifer…if she can be saved.

I love love love this series. The sassiness, the art, the imagination. I love all the characters, bad and good. It’s a very female-centric story without being overtly anti male. It’s a less traumatized, fresher Constantine.

For comic fans looking for something outside the realm of super heroes and mega team ups I definitely recommend peeking in at the Hexed books.

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