Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7/1/08 July is Werewolf Month! Interviews, reviews, and a story!

We have all sorts of wonderful furry treats for you this month.

First, Bob Freeman interviews Steven E. Wedel author of the The Werewolf Saga. His latest werewolf title Ulrik has hit the stores now and we have a review for it.

We also have a first for Monster Librarian, a werewolf short story titled Seeing Red: A Twisted Fairy Tale by our own Bob Freeman

We are expanding our section of werewolf reviews and will have more posted throughout the month. We will be including other lycanthrope related books as well as titles that are werewolf related but not strictly horror.

Bob Freeman reviews Steven Wedel's Ulrik
Bret Jordan reviews J. F. Gonzalez's Shapeshifter
Michele Lee reviews Toby Barlow's Sharp Teeth, Bob Freeman's Keepers of the Dead, and
Denise Vitola's Quantum Moon, Opalite Moon , and Manjinn Moon.

A special thanks to Bob Freeman, Michele Lee, and Bret Jordan for their help with art, reviews, and for the story this month.

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