Presenting the MonsterLibrarian’sDen

One of the goals of MonsterLibrarian is to encourage leisure reading by helping librarian’s with horror and paranormal genre reader’s advisory and collection development and offering book lists and reviews to help readers find another good book to read.    One of the fascinating things about the horror and paranormal genres is that they are found across so many different medias from TV shows, Movies, Video Games and Music.   We are launching the blog The MonsterLibrarian’s Den to not only review the TV shows, Movies and Video Games but to also offer up book recommendations that would be of interest.     We will also be using this blog to review books that are based on popular genre media ( for example books based on the World of Warcraft game).   It is our hope that this blog will help make the connection between the different genre media and books to help librarians promote their genre collection and visitors to find a new book to read.    Visit the MonsterLibrarian’s Den here.

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