Halloween Horrors!


October 15th,2008

Welcome to the 2008 Horror Book Review Project.  This year MonsterLibrarian.com, Horrorworld, Horror-Web, Hellnotes, FearZone HorrorDrive-In, and Dark Scribe Magazine will be offering up reviews of horror titles, many set on or around Halloween.  Reviews will be posted throughout the month, so please check back here for the latest Halloween fun.



Miranda by John Little

Man wakes up upon his death and starts to live life in reverse. Read more..

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Zombie massacre in Hayden Ridge


The dead rose up last night in the small town of Hayden Ridge, population 5,000. Zombies, subject of many books and films are long thought to crave human brains or flesh of the living but the living dead actually seemed to seek out chocolate.  After raiding local houses, the hoard of undead converged on the last source of chocolate in the town, SuperDuperMart.  Sadly, the same time a group 10 pregnant women who had “a wicked chocolate craving” also descended upon the SuperDuperMart.  When it was discovered that the story only had one box of chocolate bars left, bloodshed ensued.  At the end of the altercation body parts were scattered all over the store with the group of soon to be mothers finishing off the last bit of chocolate.  All seemed to be well when they started to eye a pack of werewolves who stood between them and a bottle of pickles

The Night Country by Stewart O”Nan

Tragic car accident leaves the the survivors literally haunted.  Read more...

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Bound for Evil edited by Tom English

When good books go bad, multiple reported incidents of books causing pain, madness, and death.  Read more...

Ghost Walk by Brian Keene

Ancient evil leaves trail of bodies at local Ghost Walk Read more...


Meat by Joseph D'Lacey

It is the other white meat!

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Covenant by John Everson

Local reporter investigates suicide by jumping from Terrel’s Peak

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Masks by Ray Bradbury

A lost novel from one of the masters.


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