Welcome to "Spring into Terror."

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"Spring into Terror"  is a collaborative effort to give readers of horror fiction insight into some of this year's recent releases.


 For librarians, “Spring into Terror” is an opportunity to get reviews and information you need to recommend appropriate titles for readers and make informed decisions about collection development.  In addition to providing reviews of horror titles you might be interested in adding to your collection, “Spring into Terror” highlights participating horror fiction review sites that cover both small press and mainstream horror.  


                Collaborating review sites include:,,,,,,, and Dark Scribe Magazine. 


Note: The project is set to start March 1st, as participating sites post their reviews we will link to them.



Horror Drive-in reviewing Brian Keene's Kill Whitey




FearZone reviewing Jeff Strand’s Gleefully Macabre Tales


  Horrorworld reviewing James A Moore’s Deeper

  Hellnotes reviewing Stephen King’s Duma Key


   Horror-Web reviewing Nightwalker by Thomas Tessier

                           Horror-Web reviewing 
Fires Rising by Michael Laimo

Horror-Web reviewing
The Bitchfight, by Michael Arnzen

                           Horror-Web reviewing
In and Down by Brett Savory

  Dark Scribe Magazine's Spring into Terror page

                          Dark Scribe Magazine reviewing Alexandra Sokoloff's The Price

                          Dark Scribe Magazine reviewing Generation Dead by Dan Waters

                          Dark Scribe Magazine reviewing Deadly Vision by Rick R. Reed

                          Dark Scribe Magazine reviewing Triage by Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, and Richard Laymon reviewing The Unwanted by Diablo, Mark Michaels, Juan Romera, and Jason Arthur

                      reviewing Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations ed. by William Jones

                    reviewing The Man on the Ceiling by Melanie Tem and Steve Rasnic Tem

                    reviewing The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff




The Reviews hosted by that are part of this project will have the following icon next to them.



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