Review: Justice League Season 1 Episode 5

In Darkest Night Part 2 With John charged with destroying a planet Flash takes to his defense as the other Justice League members investigate the claims. Superman and Martian Manhunter quickly find plenty suspicious about the claims. Like with subsequent plots there’s more scheming and manipulation going on here than we’ve seen. The force behind […]

Review: Justice League Season 1 Episode 4

In Blackest Night Part 1 Guess what…there are black people in this series! I mean, not just Green Lantern aka John Stewart, but at the opening of this episode he walks through a whole black community, casually busting petty criminals and tossing balls back to neighborhood kids. This series does a pretty fabulous job of […]

Review: Justice League Season 1 Episode 3

Secret Origins Part 3 With Superman and Hawkgirl trapped by the aliens and Batman dead, the rest of the gang goes back into the hive to rescue their captured comrades. Since we started with Batman and Superman it’s nice to have a little time with our other heroes, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman. […]

Review: Justice League Season 1 Episode 2

Secret Origins Part 2 With the world in danger Princess Dianna defies her mother’s orders, steals some artifacts and runs off to help Batman and Superman fight the alien invaders. As our heroes begin their battler against the alien hive, Martian Manhunter telepathically calls to Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Flash for help. But the entire […]

Review: Justice League Season 1 Episode 1

Secret Origins Part 1 When Superman shows up  as Batman’s staking out a space research facility things go sour. Not that Superman is incapable, but the alien infection/invasion happening is outside of both men’s prior experiences. Something at the site gives Superman strange visions that haunt him as he goes about his normal superhero life […]