Betrayed by Morgan Rice

Morgan Rice, 2011 ISBN-13: 978-0982953747 Available: New and Used Betrayed is the third installment of The Vampire Journals. This one is a little bleaker and a bit more tragic, as we start into the really serious and down part of the story. After she was nearly killed by the sword, Caitlin Paine has been turned […]

Vault Review: Loved by Morgan Rice

2011, Morgan Rice ISBN-13: 978-0982953730 Available: Paperback and Kindle ebook Loved is the second installment in The Vampire Journals series, and explores the further adventures of Caitlin Paine, and her new vampire friend Caleb. As was discovered in the first book Turned, Caitlin is a half-breed: her father a vampire, her mother a human. She […]

Vault Review: Turned by Morgan Rice

Morgan Rice Books, 2011 ISBN-13: 978-0982953723 Available: Paperback and Kindle ebook Turned tells the story of Caitlin Paine, and is the first book in the Vampire Journals series. Caitlin, an 18 year old from a broken home, has been relocated many times over her short life, and now finds herself in the neighborhoods of Harlem […]