Review: Gotham Academy #6

Olive and her friends are finally getting some answers from Killer Croc when Batman busts up the party. Olive tries to defend Croc from Batman, meanwhile Batman tries to cut Croc out of the picture permanently. A who’s who evil, rescuer situation is complicated by the fact that Olive knows it was Batman that tore […]

Review: Gotham Academy #5

It’s a special kind of school that has Killer Croc hiding it its walls. And it’s a special kind of student who has Killer Croc as a guardian angel. At least some of the hauntings are Croc, who promised to her mother, a fellow inmate at Arkham Asylum, to watch over Olive before Arkham was […]

Review: Gotham Academy # 4

Somehow Olive and her friends escaped…whatever it was in the pit in the North Hall without getting injured, or caught, or sentenced to detention. But the teachers definitely know what’s going on, as Olive accidentally catches Mr. Wayne inquiring about HER specifically and Headmaster Hammer hints that he knows it was her in the North […]

Review: Gotham Academy #3

Last issue Olive Silverlock accidentally busted a secret cult in a hidden crypt of the cemetery on academy grounds. But it turns out the secret society (The Order of the Bat) is trying to help the school by binding the crazy ghost of Millie Cobblepot. And when Pomeline confronts Olive about her assumptions that the […]

Review: Gotham Academy #2

Olive is struggling to come to terms with what happened over the summer, more so because she doesn’t remember it. Her memory is a big hole, making the rumors of ghosts and mysterious movements in the night take a big step back and morphing her from a fun-loving student like the others, to a moody […]

Review: Gotham Academy: EndGame #1

Maps, Pomeline and Olive are hunkered down in the GA gym with everyone else waiting out a wandering horde of Joker-infected zombies causing chaos outside. The girls begin to tell each other scary Joker stories. Even one of the teachers joins in. Sure it’s a fun, creepy one shot. But um, there really are Joker […]

Review: Gotham Academy #1

Soooo many questions left after this one. First, I love the cover and the very idea (A Gotham Prep School?) The execution is dark and creepy, a lot like Batman meets Hogwarts. Olive is in her second year at GA and feels like an outsider after some yet-to-be-explained summer break events changed her perceptions of […]