Review: Blood Witch by Cate Tiernan

Penguin Group 2007 ISBN:9780142409886 Available: New and  Used Morgan’s quest to learn more about her family, especially her mother, continues in Blood Witch. Now that Morgan has the Book of Shadows, she is able to read the words her mother wrote As Morgan continues to practice magick, other blood witches, threatened by her power strengthen […]

Review: Coven by Cate Tiernan

Penguin Group, 2007 ISBN:9780142409879 Available: New and Used In a very short period of time, Morgan Rowland has lost her best friend, gained a boyfriend, and discovered that she is a blood witch. Does that means her parents and sister are blood witches as well, or is there more to her mystery? As Morgan uncovers […]

Review: Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan

Morgan Rowland’s life changes the day she met Cal Blair. When Cal comes to school that first day, his confidence in himself makes every girl want him and every guy want to be him. Cal’s interest, however, is in Morgan. He introduces her to Wiccan practices. Morgan finds her world dramatically altered by inexplicable events […]