Book Review: Buffy: The High School Years: Parental Parasite by Kel McDonald, art by Yishan Li

Buffy: The High School Years: Parental Parasite by Kel McDonald, art by Yishan Li Dark Horse Comics, 2017 ISBN: 9781506703046 Available: print, Kindle, and comiXology ebook Into every generation, a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. So begins the story of Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, and Xander chasing down a […]

Review: Angel: Old Friends

It’s not terribly clear whether Old Friends is an alternate to After the Fall or not. In the latter we see L.A. materialized in hell and some major changes to our cast. In Old Friends it’s clear the Wolfram & Hart take over, as well as much of season 5 of Angel happened. But likely […]

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ring of Fire

Set during the “Angel is Evil” saga in the series (mid-late second season) Ring of Fire explains the commented on, but never really explained plot point in Undays of our Lives where Dru leaves Spike! I had always wondered on rewatching the series what exactly happened between the murderous lovers. Turns out Dru leaves Spike […]

Review: Spike: Shadow Puppets

Buffy and Angel fans know they can depend on their series to be hilarious, yet innovative and poignant. One of the episodes proving this point is “Smile Time” where Angel is turned into a puppet by a nest of demonic puppets feeding off their children viewers. This episode proves to be hilarious and yet maintain […]

Review: Angel: Spotlight

A side book in the Angel-verse this volume contains tales of Illyria (very emotional with a complexity of character that most stories wish they had), Gunn (very fun and action packed), Wesley (a sad story given what fans know that the Wes in the story doesn’t), Doyle (showing why he sought out Angel, sparking the […]

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Predators and Prey

This volume of BtVS season eight is for fans, not newcomers. It’s not really a book that pushes forward the drama of Twilight, the secret anti-Slayer group that’s trying to destroy every Slayer on the streets. This collection of comics serves as housekeeping, as well as character and world building asides. Perhaps channeling the modern […]

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life

Despite the last three volumes having different writers they’ve all held deliciously true to the Buffy-verse while not letting the storyline becoming dull or repetitive. With this addition the story moves the focus back to Buffy and to the large story arc, Buffy vs the mysterious Twilight. Except it moves at this plot from a […]

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future for You

If Buffy, the petite pop-modern vampire slayer wasn’t enough for you this second volume from Joss Whedon’s “Season Eight” of Buffy brings tortured, anti-heroine slayer Faith back into play in a role even more suited to her than vampire and demon slaying. Part of the draw of the Buffy-verse is the balance of darkness and […]