Book Review: The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

Series title:The Secret Series
Publishing Date: October 2007
Available in:Kindle,HardCover, PaperBack,Audible,and Audio CD on Amazon.

Cass is an eleven-year old survivalist who may or may not really be named Cass. Max-Ernest is a young compulsive speaker and factoid stocker who may or may not really be named Max-Ernest. The magician? There’s much we know and don’t know about him.

It was a Wednesday afternoon when the real estate agent carried a box into the modified fire-station of a thrift shop that Cass’s grandfathers owned. The strange artisan case labeled “The Symphony of Smells”, paired with the real estate agent’s report of a suspiciously dead magician lead young Cass to believe that she may have found her first true survivalist emergency.

Cass works with her newfound collaborator,Max-Earnest, to solve the mystery that the Symphony of Smells begins to spark. Their discoveries lead them to strange events involving encrypted notebooks,circuses,and synesthesia.

“The Name of this Book is Secret” is targeted at younger teen audiences, but is filled to the brim with content that could entertain any age group. “Pseudonymous Bosch” provides readers with heavy doses of riddles, quirky characters (including the narrator themself),and fantastical environments. Science-fiction fantasy has never been so unashamedly fun,while maintaining a dash of undeniably riveting.

Review by Jennifer Bard

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