TV Review: The Gifted S1 E6 Got Your SiX

Promotional_Poster_-_Andy_StruckerAfter Thunderbird discovers his best friend is still alive (and working for the SS), he becomes somewhat obsessed with these secret mutant detention centers and what might be happening in them. He, Reed, and Andy decide to break into a Baton Rouge federal building to find some answers.

While Cait has mixed feelings about letting children, even ones with super powers, take roles in this war, Polaris pushes the kids hard into training. Especially with their powers. If you could combine Cait’s gentleness and nurturing with Polaris’ drive, you might have a perfect teacher.

Turner almost gleefully continues down the Path of the Bad Guy, while the Struckers begin to claw their way back to being decent human beings (or homo superior.) With each character choice, they become a little more real a a little more embroiled in the threads started in the first few episode.

Through this episode we get to see some more neat applications of power, and proof that powers, even flashy ones, aren’t the end all. The MU is skilled at tactics and gestalt as well.

Also dropped into this episode is an off-handed remark from Thunderbird, hinting at where in the X-Men continuum this show falls. (In relation to the movies and comics.)

It’s also becoming painfully clear that while The Gifted might look like an ordinary world, this really a dystopian tale.

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