TV Review: The Gifted S1 E3- eXodus

*From here on out I might be including spoilers. Reader beware.

imagesgIn our last episode Alpha Dad Reed Strucker struck a deal with Sentinel Services (mutant hunters) to betray the identities of the member of the Mutant Underground (and the location of their secret headquarters) in exchange for the safety of his family. Because a shady government group that has already exaggerated your “crimes”, threatened your children, and threatened innocent people just for knowing you is totally going to be straight with you on this deal. Reed “escapes” the SS (get it?) and gets back in touch with the MU (Marvel Universe?) wearing a tracker to help expose the base.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family at the base tries to convince the MU to seek help “legally” aka, through the lawyers and senators and the system. You can almost hear Thunderbird’s eye roll. Cait and the kids leave anyway, in the middle of the night, without telling anyone, and run to her brother. In a total surprise move her brother is less than supportive, and very much NOT eager to get involved. When his son texts his friends a picture of Andy’s neato destructive powers the neighbors show up to welcome the mutant kids. No, I’m kidding, they show up to collect the $300k bounty on the kids, even if they have to assault their neighbor of many years and do a little breaking and entering to get it. And assault they do.

Luckily, Thunderbird and Eclipse show up to help and the breaking is kept to a minimum.

Another fairly predictable turn of events, but at least everyone seems to be learning from their mistakes. Reed wises up and decides to do the right thing. (I’ve compared this show to Heroes earlier, and Reed to Noah Bennet. Unlike Noah, who would have done the wrong thing and lectured everyone about how right he was to work inside the system, Reed at least doesn’t sacrifice a woman and child, and who knows who else, for his family.)

I do like the family dynamic among the Struckers, and I hope now that they/the audience sees how things are we can move on from trying to use the broken system to get justice.


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