Book Review: The Intruders by E.E. Richardson

Delacorte Books for Young Readers, August, 2006

ISBN: 0385732643

Available: New

     In the Intruders Richardson whips up a great pure ghost story. Joel, his sister Cassie and their mother move into a house with his mother’s new fiancé Gerald and his two sons.  In addition to coping with the resentment of the children over the joining of their two families, they also have to deal with ghosts that are in the house.  Joel begins having terrifying nightmares, sees a shadowy figure in the house, and feels strange sensations suggesting that he is not alone.   Soon all four children are drawn in, and must solve the mystery of who the ghosts are and why they are haunting the house.  This is Richardson’s second offering, and it is stronger than his first, The Devil’s Footsteps.  Richardson does a great job of telling a terrifying, page-turning tale of ghosts and hauntings. The interplay between the two sets of siblings is believable and adds realism to the story.  Teens looking for a good ghost story will find that The Intruders is exactly what the doctor ordered. Please note that the Those looking for a little romance with their horror, however, will need to look elsewhere.   Recommended.  Contains: Supernatural scares, murder and mention of suicide.

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