Review: The Dare by Brett Williams

Walking to school the day before Halloween, Davey and Dennis spot a cat hanging in front of the old, abandoned Bentley place.  Dennis tells Davey the story of how the Victorian house is said to be haunted after old man Bentley killed his family several years ago and that their ghosts still live within.  Davey […]

Review: Sleepless by Thomas Fahy

After a trip to New Orleans, the students of Saint Opportuna High begin to have nightmares: horrible nightmares about killing people. The only problem is that they aren’t just nightmares. After several nights, the students wake up to realize that they actually have killed people. Emma Montgomery and her friends, who have all had these […]

Review: Devoured by Amanda Marrone

Megan just wants to make sure that her new boyfriend, Ryan, stays out of the clutches of his smitten best friend, Samantha. That’s why she’s working for the summer at the Land of Enchantment, an amusement park filled with fairy tale princesses. But when the ghost of her twin sister, Remy, begins to show up […]

Review: Monster’s Proof by Richard Lewis

Ten year old Darby Ell is brilliant at mathematics, but not so good at being liked. Intrigued by the “thingamabob conjecture” his aunt Ludy discovered just before she went bananas, he becomes obsessed with proving it. As he works on it, the mathematical construct, which calls itself Bob, starts to communicate and interact with him, […]

Review: Groot #1

Groot and Rocket are hitchhiking across the galaxy for a visit to Earth. Rocket is only there for support, of course, and witty repartee with our limited-vocabulary hero. Groot wants to visit Earth because he’s never been, well, as a tourist. But along the way their ride breaks down, there are (endangered) space sharks, alien […]

Review: Arrow Season 2.5

by Marc Guggenheim, Keto Shimizu, Brian Ford Sullivan and Joe Bennett Personally I always find tv and movies more fun when you can tell the creators, actors, and crew are having a lot of fun with it. One of the reasons why Marvel fan culture has been more interesting to me. This book is loads […]