Review: Vampire Knight volume 1 by Matsuri Hino, and illustrated by Matsuri Hino

ISBN: 1421508222 Available: New     This manga is set in an elite boarding school that is home to the “dayclass” (humans) and the “nightclass” (vampires). Yuki and Zero, both survivors of vampire attacks, now protect the Dayclass from the Nightclass and vice versa. The first book was quite good, revealing Zero’s tragic secret and setting […]

Happy (?) Banned Books Week!

  Do you know which books are the most frequently challenged in this century and why? How about a timeline of banned books? This year the ALA and Banned Books Week movement celebrates banned comics! What’s your favorite? Tweet

Review: Spike: Shadow Puppets

Buffy and Angel fans know they can depend on their series to be hilarious, yet innovative and poignant. One of the episodes proving this point is “Smile Time” where Angel is turned into a puppet by a nest of demonic puppets feeding off their children viewers. This episode proves to be hilarious and yet maintain […]

Review: Angel: Spotlight

A side book in the Angel-verse this volume contains tales of Illyria (very emotional with a complexity of character that most stories wish they had), Gunn (very fun and action packed), Wesley (a sad story given what fans know that the Wes in the story doesn’t), Doyle (showing why he sought out Angel, sparking the […]