Outpost by Ann Aguirre–Cover revealed!

One of my favorite authors, Ann Aguirre just released the cover for the second book in her zombie YA series. If you’re not sure where to go after The hunger Games this is a great place to start. Ann also released a novella about what happened to Stone & Thimble from book one (it’s here). […]

Vampire Diaries: Episode One, “Pilot”

I’m not entirely behind on the times here. I knew there was a series. And I even watched the first few episodes before life hiccuped and I fell behind. So for your reading entertainment I’m watching the first season and will be reviewing squeeing rambling about them here. Feel free to chime in! So, the […]

Teens Self Publishing

A few days ago the New York Times published an article about the trend of kids and teens becoming published authors thanks to self publishing and indulgent parents willing to fork over thousands of dollars for the cause. It’s an interesting article that in the end says parents paying for self publishing aren’t any different […]

Review: Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel

Random House Children’s, 2012 ISBN: 0375869387 Available: hardcover & multiformat ebook Callie lives with her mom in a grand old hotel in the middle of the Dust Bowl and has spent the last years watching it, and their town, slowly blow away with the wind. If this life wasn’t difficult enough Callie has a dark […]