TV Review: iZombie season 1

Liv Moore (*rimshot*) was an overachiever headed straight for a prestigious career as a heart surgeon and a wonderful life as the wife of perfect, sweet heart throb Major Lilywhite. (Yup, enjoy the puns, folks.) And then, after being encouraged to loosen up, Liv attends a party that ends in a zombie mini-pocalypse. Liv is […]

Comic Book Review: Afterlife with Archie, vol. 1: Escape from Riverdale by Roberto Auirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francovilla

Afterlife with Archie volume 1: Escape from Riverdale by Roberto Auirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francovilla Archie Comics, 2014 ISBN: 9781619889088 Available: New, used & digital Oh, Riverdale. The iconic small town USA, perpetually stuck in the 1950s, where a boy struggles with such heady things as which girl to invite to a movie Friday night. Archie-with-zombies could have been a […]

Book List: Breaking Cliches in Zombie Fiction

I was reading a blog post on realism in zombie fiction by Brian Parker, a writer of zombie fiction. Somewhere in the middle of it, he addressed the problem of the Mary Sue in zombie novels: If you’re like me, you likely roll your eyes at the stereotypical protagonist in zombie fiction. You know the type, it’s […]

Review: Zombie Youth: Book 2: Borrowed Time by H.E.Goodhue

Zombie Youth: Borrowed Time is a masterful example of the way a work can defy target audience and genre: a true crossover for fans of horror, armageddon, and coming of age (with zombies). By intertwining several survival factions, each with a predictable agenda and hierarchy, Goodhue realistically emphasizes the strengths and shortcomings of several generations. Thus, […]

Review: Zom-B by Darren Shan

Zom-B is the first title in a new series of the same name, by teen horror master Darren Shan. B is a teen in England, with a troubled life, with an abusive, racist father.  When a small town in Ireland is decimated by zombies, B’s father dismisses the reported attacks as a ploy by the media.   […]

Review: Zombie Youth: Book 1: Playground Politics by H.D. Goodhue

At this point, zombie literature has moved from cool reboot, to bona-fide horror category, to glutted genre. In fact, I’m pretty sure enough nagging doubt has been cleverly addressed by authors that we are convinced that some virus is, in fact, out there, and it’s only a question of when the dead will rise and […]

Review: Dead Girl’s Blog by Donna Burgess

With a plethora of both zombie fiction and self-published author samplers popping up, it’s often hard to cut through the chaff to get to the good stuff. Dead Girl’s Blog is the good stuff; two emotionally satisfying zombie tales that don’t have to resort to the weary format of plucky survivors getting picked off one […]

Book Review: The Pretty Dead by David Martin Stack

The Pretty Dead is a gory, suspenseful read for teens who are music minded, really listen to the poetry of lyrics, and enjoy some dark comic relief. The main character, Blake, inventor of the virtual rock band Posterband, is one of several uniquely described co-protagonists, all of whom are sympathetically written.  Blake directly addresses the reader, […]

Book Review: The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses by Ty Drago

The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses is a first book in a wonderful new series by Ty Drago. In it we meet young Will Richter. Will’s father Karl was a cop in the Philadelphia police department until his untimely death a year ago. Now that Will’s twelve, he’s started to notice something strange; people all around […]