TV Review: Teen Wolf, Season 1

One night, while out in the woods investigating half a body found by the Beacon Hills sheriff’s department (because they are so smart), Scott McCall and Stile Stilinski end up in a ton of trouble. Scott is bitten by a werewolf and launched them both into a preternatural world of drama. Sure being a werewolf […]

TV Review: The Gifted S1 E8- Threat of eXtinction

Ba-boom! This episode has some side plots that get overshadowed, namely Blink, Polaris, and Eclipse’s rescue of hidden, Underground Railroad mutants, and discovery of Campbell’s sleeper agents inside the mutant populace. You have to know this is going to come back up, especially since Campbell outright said there were safeguards in place to prevent the […]

TV Review: The Gifted S1 E6 Got Your SiX

After Thunderbird discovers his best friend is still alive (and working for the SS), he becomes somewhat obsessed with these secret mutant detention centers and what might be happening in them. He, Reed, and Andy decide to break into a Baton Rouge federal building to find some answers. While Cait has mixed feelings about letting […]

TV Review: The Gifted S1 E3- eXodus

*From here on out I might be including spoilers. Reader beware. In our last episode Alpha Dad Reed Strucker struck a deal with Sentinel Services (mutant hunters) to betray the identities of the member of the Mutant Underground (and the location of their secret headquarters) in exchange for the safety of his family. Because a […]

TV Review: iZombie season 1

Liv Moore (*rimshot*) was an overachiever headed straight for a prestigious career as a heart surgeon and a wonderful life as the wife of perfect, sweet heart throb Major Lilywhite. (Yup, enjoy the puns, folks.) And then, after being encouraged to loosen up, Liv attends a party that ends in a zombie mini-pocalypse. Liv is […]

TV Review: The Gifted S1E1- EXposed

Spawned by the popularity of super hero shows, Fox gives up The Gifted, a post X-men tale of mutants trying to survive in a world very literally out to get them. The X-men series has always outright tackled themes of racism, violence against minorities, and systematic prejudice. Important note: While Marvel shows (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., […]