TV Review: Teen Wolf, Season 1

One night, while out in the woods investigating half a body found by the Beacon Hills sheriff’s department (because they are so smart), Scott McCall and Stile Stilinski end up in a ton of trouble. Scott is bitten by a werewolf and launched them both into a preternatural world of drama. Sure being a werewolf […]

TV Review: iZombie season 1

Liv Moore (*rimshot*) was an overachiever headed straight for a prestigious career as a heart surgeon and a wonderful life as the wife of perfect, sweet heart throb Major Lilywhite. (Yup, enjoy the puns, folks.) And then, after being encouraged to loosen up, Liv attends a party that ends in a zombie mini-pocalypse. Liv is […]

DVD Review: Supernatural Season One

Sam and Dean come from the very definition of a crazy dysfunctional family. When their mom died mysteriously their dad launched a mission to kill her killer (a demon) and dragged his young children along. Many times it’s clear that he cared far more about his mission than his kids, nearly abandoning them for weeks […]

DVD Review: Batman Beyond: Season 1

Batman Beyond is an older series (2006) but one not to be missed by either comic fans or science fiction fans. Some time in the future, well after Batman’s glory days, teenager Terry McGinnis tries to chase down his father’s killer and instead ends up employed by Bruce Wayne…to be the new Batman. Beyond seems […]