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TV Series Review: Grimm

Published on December 23rd, 2011 by in TV Shows

NBC, 2011
Season 1
Time: Fridays 9pm est.

Set in present day Portland Oregon, Grimm fallows the adventure of Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective who finds out that he is a Grimm, a person who can see the supernatural beings that live hidden in human society and is charged with killing the evil ones. Nick investigates homicides with his partner Hank who is unaware of Nick’s role as a Grimm and the supernatural world around them. Nick also relies on Monroe, a Wieder Blutbad(werewolf), to understand the various supernatural creatures that he encounters. Grimm is an urban fantasy combineds with a dash of mystery. Many of the episodes are in some way a twist of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

The concept behind Grimm is interesting, but our main character, Nick Burkhardt, is hard to appreciate. However, Monroe, a Pilates-exercising, cello-playing, clock repairer and reformed Wieder Blutbad (aka werewolf) makes the show worth watching. We have watched four episodes, the first three were intriguing enough updates of fairytales that we kept tuning in to see what is going to happen next. Individual episodes can stand alone, but there is a larger story arc that is just starting to take form.

Looking for other dark interpretations of fairy and folktales? You might want to search some of these anthologies out. Be warned, they are not for the faint of heart.

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Grimm’s Grimmest by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and Maria Tatar, illustrated by Tracy Arah Dockray (1997, 2005)
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The Rose and The Beast: Fairy Tales Retold by Francesca Lia Block.


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