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Game review: Extraction: Project Outbreak

Published on December 1st, 2011 by in Games

Extraction: Project Outbreak
Chillingo, 2011
Platform: iPad
Price: $.99

Chillingo offers up an interesting and polished looking game in to the crowded  zombie app genre.  In Extraction you play a mercenary who is part of a zombie outbreak clean up crew.  It is a top down view with single touch control.   You swipe across zombies to target them, your character automatically fires if the zombies are in  range and you control movement by tapping on the desired destination.    I was initially dubious of the touch control of the game but it actually makes the game very easy to play.  Missions include cleansing an area of zombies, escorting soldiers to a location, and rescuing scientists.   There are a variety of weapon upgrades that are available and one of the interesting facets of the game is deciding what upgrades to get which will impact what gun options are available to you latter .      Extraction is a fun little game well worth the $.99 price.

Books that would be of interest  for those who enjoyed the game are:

Day by Day Armageddon by JL Bourne

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Saga by Z.A. Recht



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