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Oct 19 12

MonsterLibrarian’s Halloween Horrors! and Teen Reads Week

by Monster Librarian

It is really starting to feel like fall, the leaves are turning and gobs of Halloween candy are now being displayed at the local grocery store.   It is time once again for our Halloween Horrors! book review project where we will team up with Horror World, Horror Fiction Review, and Spooky Reads will be reviewing some Halloween reading material.  Stop by our Halloween Horrors! page here. For the first part of our Halloween Horrors! reviews we have: In our adult Thrillers section: Rhonda Wilson reviews Freak by Jennifer Hillier. In our adult Horror Anthologies section: Dave Simms reviews Sick Chick Flicks by John Skipp, A Book of Horrors edited by Stephen Jones, and The Circle by Bentley Little. In the adult Zombies section: Benjamin Franz reviews Dead Things by Matt Darst. in addition we have Michele Lee reviews Zee Bee & Bee (a.k.a. Propeller Hats For The Dead) By David James Keaton. In the adult Urban Fantasy-Horror Adventure section Patricia O. Mathews reviews The Sleeping and the Dead by Jeff Crook and Last Regress In our adult Supernatural Horror section: Benjamin Franz reviews Heart of Glass and The Caretakers also we have Julie Adams reviewing The Bone Tree by Christopher Fulbright. In our adult Human Horors section: Julie Adams reviews Shady Palms by Allen Dusk. In the adult Killer Animal section and part of our Banned Books Week coverage we have Benjamin Franz reviewing Stephen King’s Cujo.

In the adult Horror Graphic Novels section:

Bob Freeman reviews Criminal Macabre: The Iron Spirit by Steve Niles and illustrated by Scott Morse.

In the young adult Zombies section: Shelia Shedd reviews Zombie Youth: Book 1: Playground Politics by H.D. Goodhue

In the young adult Human Horror section: Kirsten Kowalewski reviews by Kenneth Oppel and by

In the young adult Supernatural horror section: Kirsten Kowalewski reviews Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Leigh.

In our young adult Vampires section: Shelia Shedd reviews Vampire by Amy Mah. In our young adult graphic novels section: Bob Freeman reviews Graphic Classics Volume 23: Halloween Classics edited byTom Pomplun.

In our Scary Books for Kids section: Kirsten Kowalewski reviews Horrible Hauntings by by Shirin Yim Bridges, illustrated by William Maughan and Witches Handbook by Monica Carretero.

As part of our celebration of Teen Read Week this year. Stop on by here to read some reviews of the latest horror and paranormal book out.

We have also had some great guest blog posts as part of the event.

The post are: Teen Read Week: It Came From The (Classroom) Library! Teen Nicholas Harris on the Unwind Trilogy

Teen Read Week: It Came From The Library! Kenneth Oppel on Frankenstein

It Came From the Library: Haunting the Library


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Oct 13 12

Free e-book this weekend from Permuted Press: Pavlov’s Dogs by David Snell & Thom Brannan for Kindle

by Monster Librarian

FREE this weekend! PAVLOV’S DOGS by David Snell & Thom Brannan for Kindle. Go download it to read now or later for nothing–zero, zip, gratis!
Get your copy here

“It really is a case of a book which feels very much like it needs to be adapted into a movie, as it offers action, drama, scares, gore and a well-paced story which readers are going to love.”–

Even if you’re not planning to read the book right this moment, we’d greatly appreciate you getting a copy as it will boost the Amazon rank and make the book more visible. If you’re logged in to Amazon it just takes a single click!

Oct 12 12


by Monster Librarian

Get in the Mood for Halloween With This Interactive E-book

Lyon, France – October 11, 2012—Slim Cricket Books, a developer of interactive e-books, announced today its latest e-book App, The Witch With No Name, is available for purchase in the App Store® for $4.99 in North America, for Apple®iPad™, Apple®iPhone™, and in the Android Market for $2.99.

The Witch With No Name tells the story of a witch who lost her name. Through her adventures of searching for her name and trying to discover what happened to her, she receives a parcel which contains the very last “U-See-All” crystal ball. The crystal ball includes four ingredients for a magic potion: the smell of a moldy sock, a giant nose hair, glow-worm juice, and a concerto of bottom burps. Intrigued by the crystal ball, the witch sets off with her faithful friend Batina the bat, in search of these mysterious items.

This interactive e-book utilizes the capabilities of the compass, camera, gyroscope, and microphone in an amazing and unique way that is different than any e-book out there. The Witch With No Name provides a wonderful mix of storytelling, animated cartoon and adventure games through a magical interactive world where the final revelation will leave players begging for more!

Mobile gamers should head over to the App Store® or Android Market and download The Witch With No Name and enjoy this festive Halloween story

For more information on The Witch With No Name visit:

Oct 12 12

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Legendary Character is Resurrected in a Terrifying Adventure With Dinosaurs

by Monster Librarian

For Immediate Release
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Legendary Character is Resurrected in a Terrifying
Adventure With Dinosaurs

Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror
ISBN: 9781937128395
Price: $14.95 (TPB), $99 (Deluxe HC)
Publication date: 10/09/2012
Page count: 129
Artist: Wayne Miller
Strange lights on the moors, weird noises in the night, cattle disappearing; these are more than enough to prompt Malone’s newspaper to send him to investigate. And when his old companion Professor Challenger also goes missing, the hunt is on.
The trail leads Malone to the British military, and to a research station in the Bristol Channel, where an old terror proves, once again, that some things are not meant to be contained.
“A storyteller at the top of his game…” – Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine
“Anyone who’s fond of a good story and a good piece of writing will enjoy Meikle’s clever conceits, interesting and earthy characters, and well turned prose.” – Dread Central
“William Meikle’s short stories and novels are shining examples of what is missing in horror fiction today: atmospheric in style, old-school in character, with an intriguing story to be told.” – David Wynn, Mythos Books

Oct 12 12


by Monster Librarian



With the official October publication of Tortured Spirits, Book Four of Gregory Lamberson’s supernatural action series the Jake Helman Files, publisher Medallion Press is offering readers a free download, The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project, featuring 24 illustrations by acclaimed fantasy artist Kyle Brice.

Tortured Spirits is now available as a trade paperback and an e-book from Medallion, and as a downloadable audio book from  The novel continues storylines from Lamberson’s previous books in the series (Personal Demons, winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror; Desperate Souls; and Cosmic Forces, a Bram Stoker Award finalist).  In this entry, private investigator Helman journeys to aCaribbean island to save the soul of a friend who was previously transformed into a raven.  On Pavot Island Helman battles a ruthless dictator who employs a drug called Black Magic, and the “zonbies” it produces, to rule the population.


Tortured Spirits is my best novel so far,” says Lamberson.  “I wanted it to read like a James Bond story jacked with zombie action, and I ratcheted up the sex and violence to meet that goal.  It’s my longest book to date – 105,000 words – with the biggest canvas and cast of characters I’ve used.”


The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project, was conceived by Lamberson and Medallion as a thank you to readers of the series and as an overview for new readers.  The illustrated PDF features renderings of key characters, creatures, locations, and props from the series, captioned by Helman himself and introduced by the author.  To download the file, readers must visit Medallion’s website and click on the “downloads” tab at the bottom of any Jake Helman novel page.


Tortured Spirits is Lamberson’s third book published this year, preceded by the zombie novella Carnage Road and the werewolf novel The Frenzy War.  2013 will see the publication of  his apocalyptic novel The Julian Year, the first TREEbook (Timed Reading Experience E-book), employing time triggers and branching technology, as well as the fifth Helman novel, Storm Demon.  Lamberson will be a guest at New York Comic Con October 11th – 14th, and helps run Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival October 17th – 21st.




Gregory Lamberson’s author page at Medallion Press:


Tortured Spirits page at Medallion Press:


Direct Link to Download The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife PDF:


Tortured Spirits on Amazon:

Oct 2 12

Dark Regions Press Halloween Grab Bag – With a New Story from Jeff Strand!

by Monster Librarian

For Immediate Release

Announcing the Dark Regions Press Halloween Grab Bag – With a New Story from Jeff Strand!

What slithering horrors await inside the black bag?
Dark Regions Press is excited to announce its first-ever Halloween grab bag. Customers will receive from over 150 Dark Regions Press published titles in the realm of horror, dark fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Three lucky buyers will receive sculptures in their grab bags and one lucky buyer will win a membership to the 2012 DRP Book Club, a $210 retail value.
The element of surprise is one of the joys with grab bags in the industry, receiving books you may not have heard of or considered before, and of course getting extra Halloween treats! Buyers of the Dark Regions Press Halloween Grab Bag will receive:
1x Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover Edition ($40-$45 value): mint and first edition, numbered, 6’’x9’’, bound in leatherette, signed by the author, stamped on the spine with the title and author’s name, includes end papers, colored book ribbon, multi-colored header, 60lb. natural vellum stock and a dust jacket if applicable.
2x Fiction Trade Paperbacks ($30 – $40 value): 6”x9”, 12 point full color cover, 60lb. natural vellum stock, may be signed by author.
1x Poetry Trade Paperback ($5 – 15 value): 5 x 8.5, 12 point full color cover, 60lb. natural vellum stock, may be signed by author.
1x DRP T-Shirt ($20 value): Grab Bag buyers will get a t-shirt of their size choosing with their order.
1x DRP Bookmark ($1 value): Grab Bag buyers will receive a new laminated DRP Bookmark.
New Short Story from Jeff Strand: Grab Bag buyers will receive a digital edition via e-mail of the new Jeff Strand story “Protect Us From The Piranha People!” after their order! Jeff strand is the author of Pressure, Dweller, A Bad Day for Voodoo, Wolf Hunt and The Sinister Mr. Corpse.
DRP Sculptures (Demon Head, Zombie Candle Holder or Wolf Head, $30 value): 3x lucky Grab Bag buyers will receive a signed and limited DRP sculpture from artist and sculptor Frank Walls.
DRP 2012 Book Club Membership ($210 value): one lucky Grab Bag buyer will receive a DRP 2012 Book Club membership, giving them 6x Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcovers, e-book editions of all books, 1x surprise limited hardcover, 2x surprise limited trade paperbacks, permanent 15% discount code for the website.
Join Dark Regions Press and get a Halloween surprise! You could end up getting nearly $350 in genre fiction and premium signed hardcovers.
Available on only from October 2nd to October 31st, 2012.

Halloween Grab Bag
1x Signed Limited Hardcover
2x Fiction Trade Paperbacks
1x Poetry Trade Paperback
1x DRP t-shirt
1x DRP Bookmark
New Short Story from Jeff Strand
3 lucky grab bag buyers: 1x DRP sculpture (Demon Head, Zombie Candle Holder or Wolf Head)
1 lucky grab bag buyer: subscription to the Dark Regions Press Book Club ($210 value)
Price: $50.00
Customers will not receive products they have ordered in the past.
Availability: from October 2nd to October 31st.

Sep 29 12

Bryon Morrigan’s THE DESERT is *FREE* for Amazon Kindle!

by Monster Librarian

It is always nice to get a free read!  Bryon Morrigan’s THE DESERT is FREE for Amazon Kindle this weekend (Sept. 29 – 30)!
Get your copy now

The book is reviewed here

Sep 25 12


by Monster Librarian




In 1961, a young Liverpudlian called John Ramsey Campbell began an exchange of letters with an American giant of the then burgeoning dark side of the literary field. That man was August Derleth, whose Arkham House imprint was the mouthpiece of authors such as Howard Philips Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert Bloch. The following year, 1962, after several trans-Atlantic missives in both directions, Derleth agreed to publish a collection of Campbell’s short stories. The resulting The Inhabitant of the Lake by J. Ramsey Campbell, a collection of tales inspired by Lovecraft’s work, appeared two years later.

The fifty years that have elapsed since that original agreement have seen Campbell—now simply ‘Ramsey’—produce 30 novels (including this year’s The Kind Folk, forthcoming from PS Publishing later this month) and 16 collections (containing more than 300 short stories), edit 19 anthologies (some in collaboration), and write many hundreds of essays and columns (some collected in Ramsey Campbell, Probably and the forthcoming Ramsey Campbell, Probably II), several reviews, and even a handful of poems. A regular contributor to televised debates on the field of horror and the supernatural, Ramsey has had two films (The Nameless and Pact of the Fathers) made from his work.

The Oxford Companion to English Literature describes Ramsey as “Britain’s most respected living horror  writer”. He has been given more awards than any other writer in the field, including the Grand Master Award of the World Horror Convention, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Horror Writers Association and the Living Legend Award of the International Horror Guild. His regular columns appear in Prism, All Hallows, Dead Reckonings and Video Watchdog.

Now published exclusively in England by PS Publishing in hardcover and Drugstore Indian Press in paperback, Ramsey gives generously of his time and energy to writers who are at earlier stages in their careers. He is the President of the British Fantasy Society and of the Society of Fantastic Films. He lives and works on Merseyside with his wife Jenny, and his pleasures include classical music, good food and wine. Plus, of course, books and movies.


Ramsey is available for interview to talk about his upcoming novel The Kind Folk, the first four paperback editions of some of his earlier work, and generally to celebrate his first half-century at the forefront of the field of horror fiction.

Please telephone Peter Crowther on ++ 44 [0] 1964 537575 or ++ 44 [0] 7889 296802, or email

PS Publishing Ltd, Grosvenor House, 1 New Road, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, HU18 1PG, England

“Ramsey Campbell has a talent for terror—he knows how to give you nightmares
while you’re still awake . . .”
(Robert Bloch)

“Good stuff. But strange; so uniquely Campbell that it might as well be trademarked”
(Stephen King)

“Britain’s most respected living horror writer”
(Oxford Companion to English Literature)

“Easily the best horror writer working in Britain today”
(Time Out)

“Britain’s leading horror writer . . . His novels have been getting
better and better”
(City Limits)

“One of Britain’s most accomplished horror writers”
(Oxford Star)

“The John Le Carré of horror fiction”
(Bookshelf, Radio 4)

“One of the best real horror writers at work today”

“The greatest living exponent of the British weird fiction tradition”
(The Penguin Encyclopaedia of Horror and the Supernatural)

“Ramsey Campbell has succeeded more brilliantly than any other writer in bringing
the supernatural tale up to date without sacrificing the literary standards that
early masters made an indelible part of the tradition”
(Jack Sullivan, editor of the Penguin Encyclopaedia)

“England’s contemporary king of the horror genre”
(Atlanta Constitution)

“One of the few real writers in our field… In some ways Ramsey Campbell is the best of us all”
(Peter Straub)

“Campbell writes the most terrifying horror tales of anyone now alive”
(Twilight Zone Magazine)

“He is unsurpassed in the subtle manipulation of mood . . .
You forget you’re just reading a story”
(Publishers Weekly)

“One of the world’s finest exponents of the classic British ghost story”

“Britain’s greatest living horror writer”
(Alan Moore)

“For sheer ability to compose disturbing, evocative prose, he is unmatched in the horror/fantasy field . . . He turns the traditional horror novel inside out, and makes it work brilliantly”

“Campbell has solidly established himself to be the best writer working in this field today”
(Karl Edward Wagner, The Year’s Best Horror Stories)

“When Mr Campbell pits his fallible, most human characters against enormous forces bent on incomprehensible errands the results are, as you might expect, often frightening, and, as you
might not expect, often touching; even heartwarming”
(Gahan Wilson in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction)

“Britain’s leading horror novelist”
(New Statesman)

“Ramsey Campbell is Britain’s finest living writer of horror stories: considerable praise
for a man whose country boasts the talents of Clive Barker and Roald Dahl, M. John Harrison
and Nigel Kneale”
(Douglas Winter, editor of Prime Evil)

“Campbell writes the most disturbing horror fiction around”

“Ramsey Campbell is better than all the rest of us put together”
(Dennis Etchison)

“Ramsey Campbell is the best horror writer alive, period”
(Thomas Tessier)

“A horror writer in the classic mould . . . Britain’s premier contemporary exponent of the art of scaring you out of your skin”
(Q Magazine)

“The undisputed master of the psychological horror novel”
(Robert Holdstock)

“Perhaps the most important living writer in the horror fiction field”
(David Hartwell)

“Ramsey Campbell’s work is tremendous”
(Jonathan Ross)

“Campbell is a rightful tenant of M. R. James country, the genuine badlands of the human psyche”
(Norman Shrapnel in the Guardian)

“One of the world’s finest exponents of the classic British ghost story . . . His writing explores the potential for fear in the mundane, the barely heard footsteps, the shadow flitting past at the edge of one’s sight”
(Daily Telegraph)

“The Grand Master of British horror . . . the greatest living
writer of horror fiction”

“Britain’s greatest horror writer…  Realistic, subtle and arcane”
(Waterstone’s Guide to Books)

“In Campbell’s hands words take on a life of their own, creating images that stay with you, feelings that prey on you, and people you
hope never ever to meet”

“The finest writer now working in the horror field”

“Ramsey Campbell is the nearest thing we have to an heir to M. R. James” (Times)

“Campbell is literate in a field which has attracted too many comic-book intellects, cool in a field where too many writers – myself included – tend toward panting melodrama . . . Good horror writers are quite rare, and Campbell is better than just good”
(Stephen King)

“Easily the finest practising British horror novelist and the one whose work can most wholeheartedly be recommended to those who dislike the genre . . . His misclassification as a genre writer obscures his status as the finest magic realist Britain possesses this side of J. G. Ballard”
(Daily Telegraph)

“One of the few who can scare and disturb as well as make me laugh out loud. His humour is very black but very funny, and that’s a rare gift to have”
(Mark Morris in the Observer)

“The most sophisticated and highly regarded of British horror writers”
(Financial Times)

“He writes of our deepest fears in a precise, clear prose that somehow manages to be beautiful
and terrifying at the same time. He is a powerful, original writer, and you owe it to yourself
to make his acquaintance”
(Washington Post)

“I would say that only five writers have written serious novels which incorporate themes of fantasy or the inexplicable and still qualify as literature: T. E. D. Klein, Peter Straub, Richard Adams, Jonathan Carroll and Ramsey Campbell”
(Stephen King)

“Ramsey Campbell is the best of us all”
(Poppy Z. Brite)

“The foremost stylist and innovator in British horror fiction”
(The Scream Factory)

“One of the century’s great literary exponents of the gothic and horrific”

“Ramsey Campbell is one of the modern masters of horror . . . He has a genius for infusing
horror into the everyday, piling up small moments of dread and confusion and fear until
they become insurmountable.”
(Tim Pratt in Locus)

“There are a few writers who are special. They make the world in their books; or rather, they open a window or a door or a magic casement, and they show you the world in which they live. Ramsey Campbell, for example, writes short stories that, read in quantity, will re-form your world into a grey and ominous place in which strange shapes flicker at the corner of your eyes, and a patch of smoke or a blown plastic shopping bag takes on some kind of ghastly significance.”
(Neil Gaiman)

Sep 2 12

Live Chat Event with Best-Selling Author Rick Hautala on Monday, September 3rd at 3:00PM

by Monster Librarian

For Immediate Release
Live Chat Event with Best-Selling Author Rick
Hautala on Monday, September 3rd at 3:00PM (PDT)
Signed Book Prizes for Participants!
Dark Regions Press is launching its first-ever live chat event with author of
the million-copy bestseller Nightstone, Rick Hautala. All participants in the
event will receive a free short story by Rick Hautala, and three participants will
receive free signed copies of the new book Glimpses: The Best Short Stories of
Rick Hautala featuring eight never-before-printed stories and original wraparound
cover art and eight interior illustrations by award-winning artist Glenn
To attend the event, simply visit the new Dark Regions Press Events page at: and enter your e-mail to be reminded of the Live Event
date and time (Monday, September 3rd at 3:00PM PDT).
It’s free for anyone to enter and ask best-selling author Rick Hautala questions, interact with
other fans and Dark Regions Press staff and have a chance at winning one of the three available
signed copies of Glimpses: The Best Short Stories of Rick Hautala.
About Glimpses: The Best Short Stories of Rick Hautala
One of 2012’s HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners, Rick Hautala has a writing career
that spans more than three decades. From Moondeath, his first novel published in 1980, to
the republication of his best-selling novel The White Room (DRP, 2012) and his forthcoming
“Little Brothers” novella Indian Summer (CD Publications, 2012), his novels and short stories
have entertained millions of readers around the world.
Now comes Glimpses, a career-spanning “best of ” collection that brings together twentyfour
stories, including eight from each of Rick’s critically-acclaimed collections Bedbugs and
Occasional Demons, and eight previously uncollected stories.
Under his own name, Rick Hautala has written around thirty novels, including the
million-copy best seller Nightstone, as well as Winter Wake, The Mountain King,
and Little Brothers. He has previously published two short story collections: Bedbugs
and Occasional Demons. He has had over sixty short stories published in a variety of
national and international anthologies and magazines.
Writing as A. J. Matthews, his novels include the bestsellers The White Room, Looking
Glass, Follow, and Unbroken.
Most of his books and stories—and all of them, soon—will be available in all major
e-book formats from a variety of e-publishers. For more information, check out his
Available on,, libraries, specialty bookstores and other online vendors.

Aug 14 12

From Dark Regions Press: New Moon on the Water by Mort Castle

by Monster Librarian


New Moon on the Water by Mort Castle, Twenty-Nine Horror Stories

Award-winning publisher Dark Regions Press is launching the horror best-of collection New Moon on the Water byMortCastleon Tuesday, August 14th. MortCastleis the author of over 350 short stories and a dozen horror books.  He is also the co-editor of the 2012 anthology Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury and the editor of On Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers Association.  With stunning cover artwork from three-time Bram Stoker Award winning artist Vincent Chong and thirteen never-before-printed tales, New Moon on the Water will be a highly sought after and collected volume.


In a smoky, after hours jazz joint where almost nobody ever dies, or the ranch house next door owned by a monster, or a high rise elevator in which raging terror awaits the next passenger, these brilliant stories discover a world you thought you knew–and a darker one you will never forget. With 13 stories never before collected, NEW MOON ON THE WATER is Mort Castle’s first new collection in a decade, presenting the best short fiction of the writer deemed a “horror doyen,” “the Charles Dickens of horror,” and “the master of contemporary horror.”

“Castle’s stories are frightening trips inside the dark psyche of common people … (He is) a must read for the fans of both Stephen King and the fans of Raymond Carver.” –


“MortCastleis one of the best short story writers in the horror field today. More than that, he’s one of the best short story writers around, period. . He writes short stories that make a point, stick in your memory, remain with you long after you’ve put down the book in which they appear.” – Robert Weinberg, Novelist, Editor of World Fantasy and Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award recipient




MortCastleis a horror author, editor, and a writing teacher with more than 350 short stories and a dozen books to his credit.  His novels include Cursed Be the Child and The Strangers, optioned for the screen by Whitewater Films, and cited on the list of “Ten Best Horror-Thriller Novels” published inPolandin 2008 by Castle edited the essential reference work Writing Horror and the expanded and revised later edition On Writing Horror for the Horror Writers Association (Writer’s Digest Books).  In 2012, William Morrow published Shadow Show: All New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury, the anthology he co-edited with Sam Weller.

Available on,, libraries, specialty bookstores and other online vendors.  For more visit: