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Permuted Press: New Post-Apocalyptic Thriller The Tilian Virus

by Monster Librarian on June 20th, 2013

KENNETT, MISSOURI, June 20, 2013 – Permuted Press, the leading publisher of zombie and horror fiction, today announced the release of The Tilian Virus, Book One of The Pandemic Sequence, written by Tom Calen. The first book in a trilogy, The Tilian Virus follows a group of survivors who must learn to live in a world ravaged by a horrifying virus, and the deadly victims it claimed.




When Mike Allard, a history teacher at the local high school of a rural Tennessee town, arrived at work there were some murmurs of illness; students and teachers absent with signs of flu. Even for a newly employed teacher like Mike, a half empty class was a welcome gift. By that night, though, the murmurs grew more panicked. Every television station broadcast wall-to-wall coverage of the sudden outbreak. Before midnight, the word “pandemic” had become insufficient. The Tilian Virus had swept the globe with incomprehensible speed. The government urged patience – explaining that while the symptoms were severe, recovery seemed likely.


But then the victims changed. Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, lost what made them human and reverted back to the predatory instincts at the core of our existence.


Weaving together events seven years apart, The Tilian Virus explores the curse of hope as Mike Allard leads a small band of survivors to an unknown end. Struggling to keep those around him safe, Mike wrestles internally with the futility of survival in a world of withered decay.


The Tilian Virus is available on various digital book platforms, including Kindle, Nook, and iBook, and has been produced as an audio book through Audible. The second and third novels in the series, The Tilian Effect andThe Tilian Cure respectively, are scheduled for release in 2013.


Jacob Kier, owner and founder of Permuted Press, discovered the series on Amazon. “I’m always on the hunt for something fresh,” Kier said. “When I came across The Tilian Virus, I was immediately drawn in by the universality of the characters. The central figure, Mike Allard, is an ‘everyday Joe,’ not a super soldier or mercenary like most zombie fiction heroes. He’s just an ordinary high school teacher facing extraordinary circumstances.”


“When Jacob contacted me and told me Permuted Press was interested in the series, I knew it was a perfect fit,” stated author Tom Calen. “In the horror and zombie fiction world, it doesn’t get bigger than Permuted Press. I’m honored to join the company’s impressive list of novelists.


Permuted Press was established in 2004 with a modest goal: to produce a single, high-quality zombie anthology titled The Undead. From this simple goal grew a publishing company that has published over 80 titles targeting the apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, and survival horror fiction markets. Permuted Press has relied heavily on the power of the internet and advances in publishing technology to establish itself as one of the best known publishers in the apocalyptic niche. Permuted has utilized print on demand (POD) technology, eBooks, and grassroots internet marketing to catch and cater to its ever growing fan base.


Tom Calen is the author of the science fiction series The Pandemic Sequence, as well as the independent novel Torrance. A New York City native, Tom worked in the world of business before abandoning all reason and deciding to write full-time. He credits George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, and Frank Herbert as the major influences on his style.




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